Our core values express who we are and what we value.
They affect what we do and how we do it.
They communicate what is fundamentally important to us.
We seek to operate by these values in all we do,
both individually and corporately.


We believe and apply the Bible to everyday life.


Because of our foundational belief in the inspiration and authority of the Bible, we seek to live by its teachings and be guided by its truth both individually and corporately. In addition, we are committed to helping people understand and use the scriptures in their daily life at work, home, and play.



Prayer is our lifeline to God.


Prayer is a gift from God to us for getting in tune with His will and empowering us to carry out His will. And because we recognize that we can do nothing apart from Him, we seek to be a people who pray before and through all we do and give thanks and praise for all He does in return.



We mobilize every member for ministry.


Because each member of the body has something of importance to offer God and His church, they are needed by the body in fulfilling its functions and purpose.



We value the lives and relationships of all people.


Because God created people as individuals in His own image, every person is to be valued above all other created and man-made things. Because every person has physical, spiritual, and relational needs, Trinity directs its efforts and ministries to meet those needs.



From our deep love for Him, we worship and praise God with sincerity, joy, and freedom.


Sincerity in worship is important because our worship is for God, not for show. Joyfulness in worship is important because worship is a response of gratefulness for God’s favor. Freedom in worship is important because undue restraint deprives God of the expression He desires from us.



We give our best in all we do.


Because God expects and deserves the best of what we can offer, we seek to do all things with excellence. To do our best is evidence of gratitude and respect for God. We recognize that all of our power and ability comes from Him.