Saturdays, 6:30 AM 
TBC Conference RoomAll men are welcome to join us as we begin a new study –
Basic Transformation: A Small Group Bible Study on the Basics of Christianity and Transformation

Basic Transformation will give you a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of the Christian faith. The focus is not only on these basic truths but on how they apply to radical transformation. This Bible study covers rich but practical theological truth written for normal people, not seminary professors. This small group Bible study is divided into 8 weeks. Each week is divided into three sections: the what, the why, and the how. Ten thought provoking questions are sprinkled throughout each chapter. The questions are meant to start great conversations and to give each group member the opportunity to think for themselves.
No sign up necessary.  ORDER YOUR OWN BOOK IN ADVANCE.  
Questions? See Sean Asp or Pastor Mike for further information.