It’s time for a Check-In. How are you doing?



We are conducting a Check-In Survey as we want to know how you are doing through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are eager to get an accurate pulse on the needs of our church community and gain insight about how we can better serve you.
Having this information will allow us to better gauge how we can best serve the body of Trinity Baptist Church, and assist in planning as we resume on-location services in the future. The information collected also helps the church at large better understand what His people are experiencing and in need of.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE.  The more information we have, the better we can know how to help. We value your input.

This survey is open to all adult attendees of Trinity (members and non-members; online or in-person attendees).

What is the Church Check-In?  A survey designed to provide our leadership team with a status report on how you are doing with your health, relationships, job, finances, and faith. (Estimated time: 5 minutes or less)

Thanks for participating!