Discovering Life


Discovering Life at Trinity is a 2-part class designed to prepare you for membership.  Attending class does not make you a member – it’s just a way for you to get better acquainted with us and give you information to decide whether you would like to become a member of our Trinity faith family.
Discovering Life Part 1 – The Church and  How to Belong

Sundays, January 28 - February 11 
10:30 - 11:45 AM 
(During Christian Ed Hour)
You were designed to be a part of a church family. Discovering Life Part 1 is a 3-session basic introduction designed to clearly explain what Trinity is all about, what we believe, and where we are going. At the end of the class, you will be given the opportunity to decide whether you would like to become a member of Trinity Baptist Church.

Session 1:  THE Church - Its Birth, Its Mission and Its Message
Session 2:  Trinity Baptist Church - Purpose, History
Session 3:  Trinity Baptist Church-Affiliations, Structure, and Membership
Discovering Life Part 2 - Practices of a Maturing Disciple

Sundays, February 18 - May 19
10:30 - 11:45 AM 
(During Christian Ed Hour)
This 12-session class teaches and reinforces the basic disciplines of spiritual growth in the life of a follower of Jesus Christ. You will learn how to start and maintain habits that are fundamental in pressing on towards spiritual maturity – daily time with God, prayer, fasting, tithing, and community.  You will also discover how you were gifted and created to further God’s Kingdom.

Session  1:    Overview of the Bible
Session  2:    Translations & Choosing a Bible
Session  3:    God's Word and You -  Ways to Get a Better Grasp on Your Bible
Session  4:    Spending Time with God - A Habit of Daily Time with God
Session  5:    Walking with Christ Together - The Habit of Community
Session  6:    A Lifestyle of Communing with God - The Habit of Prayer
Session  7:    Biblical Stewardship - God's Design for Our Provision & Spending
Session  8:    Serving God with Your SHAPE - Part 1 (Your Ministry)
Session  9:    Serving God with Your SHAPE - Part 2 (Your Spiritual Gifts)
Session 10:  Living Evangelistically - Communicating the Good News
Session 11:  Sharing Your Story - Testimony of God's Work in Your Life
Session 12:  What is TBC Missions - Cooperative Missions