03-24-21 Building Update

Leading people who are far from God to be continually formed in Christ-likeness.
The mission of Trinity Baptist Church is “Leading people who are far from God to be continually formed in Christ-likeness.” Throughout our history disciples have been made, lives have been transformed, and God has been faithful.  
As we seek to continue to embrace the Great Commission and impact our community and world for Christ, we are needing to expand and retool our facilities and online presence to allow us to continue to grow in depth of discipleship.  
With these projects we hope to expand our capacity to offer discipleship opportunities, empower our Church for the glory to Jesus Christ, and impact more people in our community and around the world!

Phase 1A

Our congregation has approved proceeding with the Phase 1A Remodel to our current facility in preparation of a Multi-Ministry Building Addition.  Due to the faithfulness of our Lord and our congregation, we have enough funds in our existing Building Account to proceed with performing this work during Summer 2021.  
  • Convert current Fellowship Hall into expanded gathering space with open connection to front entrance in hallway. Open Fellowship Hall with three entrances on north side to serve as fellowship area between services.
  • Create two new classrooms in back 1/3 of current Fellowship Hall.
  • Remove one existing wall in Promiseland wing to make one large classroom (vs two small).
  • New carpet in Fellowship Hall, foyer, and main hallways.
  • New HVAC unit raised above the ceiling.  Will eliminate ductwork, reduce noise, and connect and balance restroom and kitchen area with new unit (vs on Promiseland hall unit). 
  • Security Doors, Cameras, Systems.  New commercial ingress/egress security doors. New security system with electronic controlled latches and cameras.
  • Welcome Center.  Relocate Connection Center to create better welcoming center with security functions.
  • Sewer and Water Hookup to City of Reedsburg.  City of Reedsburg is in process of bringing sewer and water up Golf Course Road. Originally we did not plan to complete this portion of work right now; but if we do in 2021 we can hook up main church facility to City for significantly less money than originally anticipated.
  • Parking Lot Repair and Reseal 
  • New Exterior Signs

Sanctuary Improvements

Our congregation voted to refresh our sanctuary as funds become available in order to improve our Sunday morning ministry to both in person and live stream participants.  These Sanctuary Improvements will help achieve an appealing and consistent look and feel throughout our building.   
  • Update stage area to correct both video and sound issues, allow for easier configurations for Christmas and VBS programs, and modernize appearance.
  • Update sound and video system to produce a great online experience.
  • Sound dampeners for the side walls.
  • New carpet in sanctuary to match fellowship and hallway remodel.
  • Paint sanctuary and front hallways to tie in the theme in the fellowship hall.
  • Updated hardware and fixtures within sanctuary and hallway.

Remote participation has become a major new reality in ministry.  Our online presence has become a priority as we desire to meet the needs for those who are homebound due to health, people traveling for business, non-resident members, or unable to attend any given Sunday.  Our online venue will also serve as an easy ingress for future attendees.   
Pastor Mike Shares what we're doing and why we're doing it.
OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL:                              $70,000
DONOR MATCHES:                                            $30,000

What these changes mean to us...

Completed master planning. Church members took a survey regarding our space needs and issues we were experiencing (and continue to experience) around classroom space and parking.
Completed Student House utility work, landscaping upgrades. Began to re-assess our needs and options. Congregation approved hiring architect to complete conceptual drawings and stewardship campaign consultant.2020
Building Design Team works with architect Lawrence Corley to refine building needs and design of the building expansion. Conceptual plans presented to congregation. "Impact Generations" capital campaign for Multi-Ministry Building Addition was postponed due to covid.  2021
Congregation approved moving forward with revised Phase 1A Remodel  work during Summer 2021.  Also approved proceeding with Sanctuary Improvements as funds become available.  
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