Sunday Mornings Beginning September 12
10:30-11:45 AM | TBC Fellowship Hall

Pastor Mike and Angi plan to lead an Adult Bible Class on Sunday mornings during the education hour utilizing the "Explore the Bible" study.  As we have limited space and availability right now, the launch of this class will be targeted and systematic to first allow participation for individuals with family members already involved during the Christian Education Hour and individuals needing to find a spot for themselves (parents of Trinity Kids and Students attending class, or their spouse teaching a class).

The teachers/leaders of Trinity’s new Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class at this point are:  Pastor Mike and Angi Lopp, Mike and Karen Screnock, Mike Rothwell, and Julie Wenninger (once she finishes her Revelation group).  And we hope to be adding more as table discussion leaders.
As we have leadership to support it, we hope to add another class allowing for more broad participation. If you do not fit the criteria about, please still register and indicate your interest if you want to be included in the launch of another Adult Bible Class as it becomes available.