Sunday, September 30
8:45 & 10:30 AM Services

Join us at Trinity on Sunday, September 30th as guest speaker Jay Seegert shares why….

Faith is Not a Four-Letter Word

It is a common misconception that skeptics base all their beliefs on “facts”, while Christians simply have “faith” which amounts to nothing more than wishful thinking and belief in fairytales… or as Mark Twain stated, “Faith is believing in what you know ain’t so!” This presentation shows just how incorrect this view truly is and also powerfully equips Christians to share and defend their faith without having to memorize lots of facts or have degrees in science. It is very encouraging, eye-opening and easy for all to understand.

Jay Seegert is an author, international speaker, and Managing Director of The Starting Point Pojrect. He has degrees in Physics and Engineering and has been lecturing on the authority of Scripture for the past 32 years.