Discovering Life At Trinity



Discovering Life at Trinity is a two-part class designed to prepare you for membership at Trinity.  After completing both parts of the class, and prayerful consideration, we would welcome you as a member if God so leads you to join this local church body known as Trinity Baptist Church!


Part 1 - The Church & How to Belong                 

You were designed to be a part of a church family.  Part 1 is a 2-session, basic introduction designed to clearly explain what Trinity is all about, what we believe, and where we are going. 

Session 1  –  THE Church:  Its Birth, Its Mission and Its Message
Session 2 –  Trinity Baptist Church:  Purpose, History, SBC Affiliation, Structure, Covenant


Part 2 - Practices of a Maturing Disciple                 

This 13-session class teaches and reinforces the basic disciplines of spiritual growth in the life of a follower of Jesus Christ.  You will learn how to start and maintain habits that are fundamental in pressing on towards spiritual maturity - daily time with God, prayer, fasting, tithing, and community.  You will also discover how you were gifted and created to further God’s Kingdom.

Session 1   – Grasping God’s Word:  Big Picture Overview
Session 2  – Grasping God’s Word:  Understanding Translations
Session 3  – Grasping God’s Word: Get a Grasp on Your Bible
Session 4  – Grasping God’s Word:  Habit of Daily Quiet Time with God
Session 5  – Community/Fellowship:  Walking with Christ Together
Session 6  – Prayer:  A Lifestyle of Communicating with God
Session 7  – Prayer Practicum
Session 8  – Biblical Stewardship
Session 9  – SHAPED to Serve Pt 1
Session 10 – SHAPED to Serve Pt 2
Session 11  – Living Evangelistically
Session 12 – Sharing Your Testimony
Session 13 – On Board TBC Missions